Bella Should Have Dumped Edward: Controversial Views on the Twilight Series

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About the Project
Around Fall 2009 I was contacted by Ulysses Press, a publishing company in Berkeley, California. They wanted me to write a Twilight fan debate book similar to MuggleNet's Harry Potter Should Have Died. I came up with around 30 questions for the fans and had you guys comment/email in your responses. Then I compiled them into a book along with my own opinions. Bella Should Have Dumped Edward was released in June 2010.

  1. Is Bella a strong, independent girl, or is she is a "blank canvas" that needs to rely on a man?
  2. Are Bella's relationships with Edward and Jacob abusive and controlling or are they healthy?
  3. What makes the Twilight Saga different from other vampire novels of our time?
  4. If you could be any Twilight character who would you be?
  5. Who is the best character in the Twilight Saga?
  6. Which Twilight Saga book is the best?
  7. Which Twilight Saga book is the worst?
  8. Which movie was a more accurate representation of the book: Twilight or New Moon?
  9. Should Summit Entertainment have recast Rachelle Lefevre under the given circumstances?
  10. Which Twilight Saga movie character is most accurately cast?
  11. Which Twilight Saga movie character is least accurately cast?
  12. Which character's story would make the most interesting prequel?
  13. Which character's story would make the most interesting sequel?
  14. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
  15. Which vampire special talent is the most useful?
  16. Should Jacob have imprinted on Renesmee?
  17. Is Bella's transition from Phoenix to Forks too unrealistic?
  18. Would Bella have been better off in Phoenix or in Forks?
  19. Is Charlie Swan a good dad?
  20. Did Bella do the right thing when she gave up her happiness and moved to Forks so Renee could travel with Phil?
  21. What is one major downfall of the series?
  22. What is the best thing about The Twilight Saga?
  23. Should Bella have ended up with Edward or Jacob?
  24. Should Breaking Dawn have ended with a fight?
  25. What would've happened if Bella was a vampire and Edward was the human?
  26. Should Bella have been transformed into a vampire?
  27. What if Bella picked Jacob over Edward? Would the series be as intriguing?
  28. Which event in The Twilight Saga was the most surprising?
  29. Are the comparisons between The Twilight Saga the Harry Potter series fair and justified or misguided?
  30. Is there a significance to imprinting or is it just plain creepy?
  31. Is Jacob Black better pre-transformation or post-transformation?